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See what our patients have to say

When I awoke this morning I ran my tongue over and around my front teeth and once again thanked you for them. It has become a morning ritual but is only one instance of the many times a day I do it.

But you wouldn’t know that so I write to again THANK YOU.

I often think of the first morning I awoke with the beautiful teeth that you so carefully and critically planned, had prepared, and secured in place. And how surprised I was that I ‘felt’ so significantly different about myself. I was full of energy, with a confidence I once knew but had been lying dormant for two years. Little things….I put on earrings for the first time in months and months, I found myself humming throughout the day, I revelled in the pleasure of biting into something that offered even a little resistance.

So once again, and again… THANK YOU!

– Paris Dentistry Patient

I feel very fortunate that when my previous Dentist decided to retire he chose Dr. Julie Paris to take over his practice, and his patients. It became obvious right away why he did, and I have remained a patient of Dr. Paris ever since.

Unfortunately by the by the time I first came to see Dr. Paris, I was continuing to have many problems with my teeth; primarily caused by poor childhood dental care and years of clinching and grinding. I was often in pain and my teeth were only going to get worse. The most likely result would have been full dentures, but instead Dr. Paris developed a plan to restore what was left of my natural teeth and repair a life time of damage. The process was long, and it involved the coordination of several other Dental specialists. But Dr. Paris and her very professional support staff skillfully guided me through it ,all the while trying to manage my work schedule and insurance issues.

In spite of the many procedures, I experienced very little discomfort or pain and each step was clearly taken with that in mind.

It has been over 10 years now since all that work was done and I still couldn’t be happier with the results or the choice I made to go ahead and do it. It truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful for her skill and her genuine concern for the health and well being of her patients.

Dr. Paris is without any doubt the best Dentist I have ever had.

– Tim H.

I may sound annoying because I say thank you so many times. My thanks to all of you is sincere. I have the pleasure of being a long-time patient and I am extremely grateful. To make all this professional service happen for me and all patients takes amazing people who every day and every appointment do their best. You do!

I have counted on all of you for so long and greatly appreciate all the services you provide. Many folks cannot believe that I tell them how much I love going to "the dentist". They should have all of you and then they will understand.

– F.H.

In 2009 I retired to devote my time to teaching at the Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Julie Paris assumed the care of my patients.

I chose Julie because to me her caring, compassionate and professional attitude was exactly the philosophy of care I was searching for to continue the treatment for my patients of 40+ years. She has an honest concern for her patients, their dental care as well as their personal lives.

Over these years my decision has been reconfirmed time and again. To this day patients stop me to thank me for having had Dr. Paris take over their dental needs.

Their overwhelming gratitude further confirms my decision.

I remain a patient of Dr. Paris and I continue to be amazed by her professionalism, integrity and caring approach to not just me but to all those in her practice who place their trust in her training, skills and professional acumen.

– Dr. Peter Model

We just wanted to send an overdue email to Dr. Paris and Sandy to thank you for your professionalism, skills, kindness and compassion. We always feel we are in good hands and so glad that we are patients in your practice.

– Susan & Greta L.

I would like to thank you all for the amazing care you’ve provided me over the last few months. My implants feel perfect and comfortable, and I am VERY thankful for the outstanding care.

– Yehuda N.

Thank you for everything. I am extremely grateful about how everything worked out. Thanks again for an amazing job - I finally have peace of mind.